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Dreamweaver® UlrtraDev 4

UltraDev LogoComment: "Hit the nail on the head"

UltraDev LogoPrice: $149 (Student) $599 (Non-Student)

UltraDev LogoOverall Rating: 4 1/2 Stars (Out of Five)

UltraDev LogoCompany: Macromedia® Inc. ("Macromedia")

Where do i begin? This is a great program! I am currently taking a web design class, in which i am learning to use Dreamweaver. So far i have learned about half of the Dreamweaver portion, and none of the UldraDev portion. For those who are unfamilial with the program, the Dreamweaver partion is the HTML scripting, and the UltraDev portion is what allows you to make .ASP pages. Basicly what this program does is write the code for you. For exampleI tell it what color i want the background, and it writes the script. So what i see

in the program is what you see right now. Without the program i would have to type out the code. Think that dosen't sound that hard? Click here adn you can look at the code for this page. But anyway, back to the program. This program will let you do basicly anything you would ever want to do, and more. But best of all it is alot more user friendly that coding. However, it isnt 100%user friendly!It is for this reason that I recomend buying:Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Training from the Source.

this book is the one used to train people who take the certification test. But, if you get the UltraDev version, ther eis another book that covers that portion of the program. If you would like to ask me any questions about this program or would like to comment about this article don't hesitate to E-mail me. Also if you have used this program and would like to express your opinion about it jsut mail me and if it is worthy i might even put it on this page. Thanks

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