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This is where you can find out what to expect of this page in the near future!!! All of the things are listed below along with when I expect them to be completed.

1) New pictures are going to be added to the pictures section of the web site. Unfortunately the only people able to view this section are family and friends who have received the username and password. Seeing as how this isnt real involved and just involves some file swopping, it should be up within the next week or two, three at the most. But dont hold me to it!

2) A big addition to the page will be a new section! This section will be a music page! On this page I will feature an artist every now and then that I feel deserves recognition. This artist may be less known, or he or she may be very famous. Wheather or not a person is featured is determined by talent only! Not by fame or fortune. Also, I will have music related links that might interest some people! I expect this page to be completed by the end of July, provided no disasters occur between now and then! This page is a good reason to check back often. The page could be up in a week if i get really bored one day, or it could take a month and a half. right now, i am going to set the opening date for this page on July 19th, 2002 at 10:00 PM Central time. This date is subject to change without notice! In fact it probably wont be that day.

3) I just recently got back from a cruise to Alaska on the Sea Princess. This means that it is time to add a new review to the Cruise section of the site. Given that these reviews are long and detailed it might take me a while to write this one. I would say that the estimated completion date is Friday July 12th, 2002 at 10:00 PM Central time. This date is subject to change without notice!


I know that I told yall that the stuff above would be tommorrow night it will all be up and running. I promise. The only thing that isnt going to be updated is the pictures section. I dont know if I have the room to add any right now. Maybe i will get rid of the old ones and put new ones up there. Unfortunately that takes an enormous amount of time, which at the moment I dont have. I am hoping that the next weekend i dont have anything planned i will update that section. But without fail tommorrow you will have a new cruise review and a new Music section.