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Hello World! This is about to be my page! Here you will be able to read cruise reviews and computer software reviews. Also, there is a Florida for dummies section, so to speak. That section is all about Sandestin and Destin Florida. There is also a features section. This section will not be at it's full strength when it first opens. But! This will be a cool section...I promise. There is also a links section! I promise that if you come back soon it will be worth your trip. The page will open Saturday May 18th 2002, and if everything goes as planned, it should be p at 12:00 A.M. (midnight) on that day. If you have any last minute suggestions E-mail me!

5-20-02 UPDATE! Due to the fact that exams fell on the weeks surrounding the opening weekend, the page isnt up. also, there have been a few changes made to the pages. The newsletter section is going to be replaced with a Quotes section. This will be a humorous section, good for hours of entertainment. Check back soon! If i have time, the page will be up on Friday, May 24th 2002. But if i dont have time then I will open it when i get back from my cruise. Check back soon!

5-21-02 UPDATE! Due to the fact that I didnt study for my exam last night, I finished the web page! It will open at 10:00 tonight! So at 10:00 hit those refresh buttons to see the page!


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