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Hey Everyone! My name is James Cote and I live in Madison Mississippi. To the left are some links for you to check out. The first two are travel links, Florida and Cruises. Then there are Quotes, Features, Links, and Reviews. The Florida button has pictures and information about my trips to Florida. My aunt owns a condo down there so i go there often. It also has information about the resort in which the condo is located. The next on the list is Cruises. It has information on some of the eight (soon to be ten) cruises i have been on. Also it has some tips and recomendations for first time cruisers. The third button is Quotes. It has lots of quotes that i have found off of the interner. Links is just a list of my favorite places to visit on the net. Reviews is a place where i will post reviews of software and hardware for the computer. And last but not least is the features button. This button takes you to a page with a bunch of cool stuff on it. It has things like a tool to tell you exactly how old you are, and stuff like that. Check that page often, becuase I update it almost every day.Well, I hope you like the page. If you have any recomendations just e-mail me. There is a link at the bottom. Thanks, James.

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